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Workers with disabilities are waiting to show your company what they can do. Are you ready to dive in?


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New job with Fifth Freedom!

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The Fifth Freedom Network
Job Description – Office Intern

Hours of Work: Part time – approximately 15-20 hours per week
Geographic Region: Indiana – primarily Fort Wayne

Job Overview: The Office Technology Assistant is responsible for assisting Fifth Freedom staff with enhancing and maintaining our database of Indiana’s disability services, as well as handling community outreach via social media, telephone calls, and email.

Read more and apply here.


How To Name A Resume File

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Resume File Names Matter

When you are emailing your resume or uploading it to a job board, it is important to name the file correctly. You might only have one file on your computer named “Resume.doc”, but the HR manager will have hundreds. Your resume could get lost, or even accidentally replaced by another file with the same name.

Instead, include your full name in the file name. If you are only applying for jobs in one field or profession, consider putting that in the file name as well. So, your resume file name might end up “John_Smith_Resume.doc”, or “Jame_Smith_Journalist_Resume.pdf.”

Finally, note those file extensions: .doc and .pdf. Unless the employer requests something different, those are the only two file types you should use. You don’t want to miss out on a job because you sent your resume in a file they can’t open!

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