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This document is the terms of use for (“the site”). These terms form a binding agreement between you and the Fifth Freedom Network (“Fifth Freedom”). Accessing or using its services indicates that you have accepted these terms, agree to be bound by them, and agree to use the site at your own risk. If you do not accept the terms of use, do not access or use its services.’s services include posting and searching for jobs and resumes, employer and user profiles, employer promotion services, resume writing services, webinars, and articles.


In this agreement, the following definitions apply:

• “Fifth Freedom” refers to The Alliance for Community Inclusion, Inc., d.b.a. “The Fifth Freedom Network”.

• “Employer” refers to any individual, company, or organization that posts a job ad or company profile on the site.

• “User” or “you” refers to any individual or company that uses any job posting, resume, or other service of the site for any purpose.

• “Job Candidate” refers to users of the site who post their resumes on the site or apply for jobs posted on the site.


All users agree to:

1. Not use any data scrapers, robots, spiders, or other similar programs on the site, and to not aggregate, collect, or save job postings for any use other than their own personal job search.

2. Not test or violate the site’s security measures.

3. Not send any “spam”, commercial email messages, or other abusive email messages to employers or other users of the site.

4. Users also agree that their accounts are owned in whole by Fifth Freedom, and if they cancel their account, neither nor Fifth Freedom are required to or responsible for maintaining copies of any data the user has submitted to the site.

        5. Users agree to receive emails from Fifth Freedom regarding news about the site, new jobs posted to JobDoozy, and general news about employment and disability employment issues.

6. Users also acknowledge that Fifth Freedom makes no recommendations or endorsements of any employers or job candidates, and that accepting a job offer or hiring a job candidate is done at their own risk.


All job candidates agree to:

1. Not include any false, inaccurate, or misleading information in their resumes or profiles posted on the site.

2. Not hold or Fifth Freedom responsible for any hiring or employment decisions made by any employer posting on the site, nor any wage, salary, benefits, working conditions, or other decisions made by employers.

3. Job candidates also agree that the accuracy and legality of job postings is solely the responsibility of the employers posting on the site.


All employers posting on agree to everything listed above under “user agreement”, and to:

1. Not include any false, inaccurate, or misleading information in their job postings, company profiles, or other information posted on the site.

2. Not engage in “keyword stuffing” by adding the names of cities, colleges, employers, job titles, job descriptions, or other irrelevant details to their job postings or employer profiles. Also, any telecommuting jobs not requiring a physical presence in a specific city shall list the job location as “telecommuting”, and not the name of a city.

3. Not post any jobs related to multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, commission-only sales work, envelope stuffing, or jobs that require the candidate to make an upfront payment to be hired.

4. Not post any jobs with candidate screening requirements that are not genuinely related to the job. (Example: Including “candidate must be able to lift 50 pounds” in a job listing for a receptionist.)

5. Not use their job postings or employer profiles to promote or sell any product or service, or to endorse or promote any politician, candidate for office, or piece of legislation.

6. Not hold or Fifth Freedom responsible for any messages sent, phone calls made, or employment decisions made by any user on the site.

7. Employers also agree that the accuracy of resumes and other job candidate information posted on the site is solely the responsibility of the users posting the information. Fifth Freedom and do not make any representation that the resumes or other candidate information are accurate or useful for selecting employees.

8. Employers also agree that neither nor Fifth Freedom is responsible for proofreading employer job postings, and that the accuracy and legality of job postings is solely the responsibility of the employer making the post.

10. Employers also agree that the “Inclusive Employer Pledge” is an accurate representation of their company culture, hiring goals, and mission (see below).


“My company is an inclusive employer, actively recruiting employees with disabilities, and working to include them in our business and company culture. We strive to accommodate employees with disabilities by providing a physically accessible workplace, as required by state and federal law. When needed, we provide employees with disabilities reasonable accommodations, modifying the work environment or job, to give them the same opportunities to succeed that everyone else enjoys.”


With the exception of job postings, employer logos, and resumes, all content on is copyright Fifth Freedom and may not be reproduced, copied, or re-hosted on any other website without permission. Fifth Freedom reserves all rights to said content.

Employers, job seekers, and other users of grant and Fifth Freedom an unlimited, global, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to copy, store, reproduce, adapt, modify, distribute, and publish resumes, job posts, and any other user-submitted content through,, and Fifth Freedom’s email alerts, including for the purpose of promoting and Fifth Freedom and their services, and for research and statistical reports. No users will be compensated in any way for allowing user-submitted content to be used in research or statistical reports.


Neither nor Fifth Freedom screen any job or resume postings. Neither nor Fifth Freedom are responsible for the accuracy or legality of any user content, the safety or legality of any jobs posted, the ability of job candidates to fill jobs or perform job duties, or any hiring or firing decisions.

Given that job postings, resumes, and other user content on the site is not screened, and that neither nor Fifth Freedom are involved in any communications between users, users of the site release, Fifth Freedom, and our employees from all claims, demands, and damages of any kind in any way connected with any dispute with another user to the fullest extent permitted by law.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY may contain typographical or other errors. may occasionally be inaccessible or unavailable due to technical problems, site maintenance, or other reasons. To the fullest extent allowed by law, neither nor Fifth Freedom offer any warranties of any kind, or any guarantee that using will lead to any particular result or outcome. Neither nor Fifth Freedom offer any kind of guarantee that use of the site will result in job candidates being hired, open positions being filled, or hiring or employment goals being met.


Other services, such as resume writing or job posting promotions, are subject to additional terms and conditions.