People with disabilities are great workers!

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“A collection of the best problem solvers performs little better than any one of them individually… Diversity allows them to be collectively better. Or to put it more provocatively, diversity trumps ability.” – Scott E. Page, “The Difference”

What sets people with disabilities apart from other workers?

  • Greater punctuality & attendance
  • Higher work quality & consistency
  • Higher overall proficiency

(2000 and 2002 surveys of HR managers, reported by Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations )

  • Greater length of employment
  • More company loyalty
  • Reduced new hire costs

(Kessler Foundation, National Organization on Disability)

Consumer Markets

People with disabilities are a $269 billion a year market, and that’s not even counting their friends and family.

87% of consumers prefer to give their business to companies that employ people with disabilities!

(US Census Bureau American Community Survey, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, )