About JobDoozy

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Time for a new job? A new employee?

If you’re a job hunter with a disability in Indiana, JobDoozy has job listings from a variety of companies actively recruiting a diverse workforce in Indiana and telecommuting workers nationwide. Whether you’re looking to get hired in an office, a construction site, a hospital, or your own living room, we’ve got the right position for you. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work! open

If you’re looking to hire people with disabilities Indiana, we offer a free place to place your job posting that will reach qualified individuals looking for work throughout the state. We can also help you document your good faith efforts to hire people with disabilities. This is especially important for federal contractors, who are now required to have people with disabilities make up at least 7% of their staff.

Ready to start? Let’s get to work!



JobDoozy is a project of The Fifth Freedom Network.  The Fifth Freedom Network is a grassroots, cross-disability, consumer organization dedicated to removing the physical and social barriers that often hold people with disabilities hostage to poverty, isolation and underachievement. Our coalition members come together to learn about government processes, disability rights, and state and national legislative change initiatives.  Learn more about Fifth Freedom at FifthFreedom.org.